Who We Are


Ann Green Communications, Inc. creates solutions to solve communications issues that stand in the way of our clients’ social, environmental and economic goals.

Solutions found through effective communications provide the best results.  You are measured by what you do.  So are we.  Together we achieve your company’s goals by finding the best solutions, assisting you in enhancing your sustainability and building trust between you and your stakeholders.

Our company is a leader in facilitation of Community Advisory Panels.  In addition, we conduct research, develop employee and community relations programs, websites, issues advertising and follow-up evaluations.  We provide communications training for corporate executive and facility managers so they are more competent and confident when communicating with critical audiences, including the media.  Our crisis management plans involve developing strategies and identifying responsibilities of crisis management team members, shelter-in-place training for schools and neighborhoods and tabletop drills using real-life situations.

Is your company having any type of communications issue?  Simply click Contact at the top of this page, complete the form and hit Submit.  You talk.  We listen.  We’re all about helping you find the best solutions to achieve your desired results.